How We Do It

-          Hire the best people and treat them well as they are Midwest Electronic’s greatest asset. In 24 years of business we have only one employee leave for employment elsewhere and have never come close to a layoff.  Our customers will have a seasoned professional who is experienced in the industry whether our customer is dealing with a technician onsite or sales/service personnel on the phone.

-          Use only manufacturers that back their products. Then be loyal to those manufacturers. We are proud that even in the Electronics business every system we supplied in 1993 still has replacement parts available from the manufacturer who provided them.

-          Honor our commitments to our customers. We quote electrical contractors with pricing that is based on a system that will be found to be compliant with the plans and specifications. In the unlikely event that we error in our estimate this will be absorbed by our firm and not our customer. For both our end users and contractors we have service management that uses vehicle tracking to make sure our technicians are dispatched efficiently and also keep track to make sure our appointments are met.

-          Know who your customers are and how important our systems are to the people in those buildings. We have significantly more customers than the entity or person who purchase our equipment or service.

o   Architect & Engineer. On a typical project you start with the design team of the Architect and Engineer. The Architect is not only concerned with the function of the equipment but its aesthetics and how it ties into the design. We make sure our systems are submitted to meet the design criteria as well as attempting to provide prior to bid date notification where systems may have inadvertent missed devices.

o   The Contracting Team. The Electrical Contractor purchasing the equipment, General Contractor, and interfacing trades. We educate ourselves on each project's schedule and make sure that we have supporting documents (shop drawings, engineered drawings, project close out information), equipment, and expertise on the project exactly when it is needed. We have never in 20 years held up a project completion and always meet our deadlines.

o   AHJ’s. The authority having jurisdiction is typically a local Fire Marshall or State Inspector. We have a person in our office dedicated to proactively call on this community to make sure we understand what they desire having for systems installed in their areas. We also provide training on equipment as new features arise in the various projects we carry.

o   The End-User of the System. It does not matter if the end user (School, Hotel, Hospital, Etc.) made the purchase or not. We will provide them with proposals for maintenance, testing, monitoring, and hourly service. We will show up on time with a knowledgeable trained technician. We will be easy to get a hold of 24 hours a day and plan on answering their call with a human being on the other end of the phone. We will make sure the system that was provided in their building operates properly and make any repairs in a prompt manner.

o   The Most Important Customer.  Most important are the customers we never meet, the occupants of the building. Proper design of our life safety systems is our number one priority; we think of the students in the schools, the family member in the nursing home, we make sure the system will work when it is needed.